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  Pastor Blandine Walls, Th.D. 

Dr. Walls was raised in a Christian home in a small mining town in West Virginia with seven siblings.  Her father was a Pentecostal minister and her mother was a dedicated church worker and homemaker.  Both parents were giving people -always ready to lend a helping hand to others.  Out of their meager resources they fed and clothed the homeless as well as their neighbors who were in need.  Both parents are now deceased. 

They were rich in love, respect for others, respect of self, and respect for the Word of God in spite of the family not having great wealth.  Dr. Walls' parents taught them life is not  held together by fortune or fame, but that love, respect, a thankful heart, God, and the beauties of the universe were great possessions.

Dr. Walls received Jesus into her life in the mid 60's and she began to seek direction from God as to her place of service in the Body of Christ.  It was during her tenure with the Bethel Apostolic Church family that she became a a Bible teacher, Associate Pastor, and a chaplain for the County Jail.  She held these positions for many years. 

In 1984 Blandine was called to another assignment; to the build the Body of Christ for ministry to reach this generation for Christ.  For 20 years she has been the Founder and Pastor of Good News Bible Chapel/Training Center.  She is also a chaplain for a Level 1 Trauma Hospital in the city of Toledo.  Dr. Walls received her Doctorate in 1996.

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