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  BW Community Empowerment Center 

BWCEC Includes the following community projects

  • Mothers of Inmates Support Group

  • Left Behind Children of Inmates Ministry

  • Summer Feeding and Tutoring Program (K.E.Y.S.)

  • Child Day Care Services

Mothers of Inmates (MOI) Support Group provides support in the healing of the hearts of mothers whose sons and/or daughters are or have been incarcerated.  MOI also aids mothers with transportation to visit their incarcerated children. 

Left Behind Children of Inmates (LBCOI) provides support to children of inmates.  Two percent of children in the United States have a parent in prison.  In 1999, about two million children had parents incarcerated on either a state or federal prison (US Department of Justice).  These children, who through no fault of their own, have been left behind, cast aside, and stigmatized; causing them feelings of fear and loneliness.  LBCOI provides the children with self-esteem classes and donates toys and clothes at Christmas and Easter. 

Keep Educating Youth All Summer (KEYS) Summer Feeding and Tutoring Program is aimed at providing nutritious food and educational values to youth during the summer. 

According to the USDA around fourteen million children depend on free or reduced school breakfast and lunch; for many of these children the end of the school year may mean an increased risk of hunger and developmental problems.

We are aware that a child who misses school breakfast and lunch is more likely to become ill, be tardy, absent, cause disruption in class, and may be inattentive.  These children also have lower scores on achievement tests, thus making good nutrition essential for successive learning in school.

KEYS offers an eight week Summer feeding and tutoring program to provide an opportunity to continue a child's physical and mental development.  We realize that learning does not end when school ends, and neither does the need for proper nutrition; both are necessary for having a safe and productive summer.

Child Day Care

BWCEC is currently working on negotiations for a child day care center please continue to check back for updates on this program.

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